How I Work With Clients

I believe that personal interaction is critical at every stage of the planning process, both initially and ongoing.

In partnering with you to manage your wealth, my first priority is to make sure I get to know you and your family above and beyond just your financial picture.  This means that in addition to meeting you where you are most comfortable, I will also be actively listening in order to better understand what is important to you.  Only then can I begin to develop a customized plan and investment strategy that centers around your desired lifestyle and goals. 

My commitment to truly understanding my clients’ needs is paramount to delivering a high level of service.  Therefore, my planning process calls for personal interaction at every stage of the wealth management process, including — development, planning, implementation and monitoring. 



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An easy way to view our relationship is to see yourself as the Captain of your Financial Ship, and me and my team of experts as your Navigator and Crew.  Often this means I serve as the quarterback to my clients’ tax and/or legal advisors in order to maintain consistency and help my clients achieve both their short- and long-term goals.  That being said, I will also work with any professionals with whom you already have a relationship. 

I work very hard to offer my clients the highest quality of service, and my goal is to earn their trust and respect over time.  My clients realize that an important part of our partnership is their assistance in sharing my story with others – family, friends, colleagues and associates – who could potentially benefit from working with a Financial Advisor they can trust.     

Give me a call today and let’s talk about how I might be able to better serve you. 


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