My Specialties

Along with the support of our experts here at Janney, I am able to offer a variety of services to help assist you in achieving your financial goals.  And, as opposed to a service offering that centers around me, my focus is on providing you with only the services you need.

Often it is through the completion of a Financial and/or Estate Plan that I am able to identify your most important and pressing needs.  This will then allow us to begin crafting a customized financial solution together, one that you are confident in and suits your vision and objectives. 

While my clients don’t always need to complete a financial or estate plan, often it helps them to plan for the future and to understand the implications of each financial decision they make.  Everyone has unique goals, and it’s important that you have a unique plan that works for you and your financial situation. 

The services that I offer are listed below, along with a brief description of each.
























Retirement Income Planning – For individuals who are close to retirement or who are already retired, I will create and implement a plan to help you make the most of your retirement savings.  Focusing on your cash flow needs, we will work together to create a sustainable level of retirement income to help you avoid outliving your assets. 

Pre-Retirement Planning – Developing a plan to address the key concerns you might face as a retiree, including inflation, longevity, and healthcare. This includes discussing how much you need to retire comfortably, and helping you to understand your future retirement distribution options relating to employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs.

Risk Management & Insurance – Reviewing existing insurance policies, annuities, and investment decisions while developing comprehensive strategies for all of life's hardships and trials.   Insurance Solutions

Education Planning / Funding – Maximizing the tax-advantaged opportunities to save money for a child or grandchild's education.  I will explain the options and together we will select one that is appropriate for you and your family.

Investment Analysis & Strategies – A successful investment strategy considers investment time horizon, income needs, tax implications and risk tolerance.  I incorporate financial planning strategies to consider the long-term impact of any portfolio or life decision.  My Investment Process

Philanthropic Giving – Helping you to build a legacy for the ones you love and the causes you care about.  Strategies include charitable trusts and life insurance to maximize your giving potential.  

Executive Compensation Strategies – Examples include an analysis of cashless stock-option exercise and sales, restricted securities transactions, Rule 144 sales, and concentrated position strategies such as zero-cost collars.  Goal is to minimize taxes and maximize your benefits.

Estate / Wealth Transfer Planning – Planning for the distribution of your assets that places your goals as the top priority, and then attempting to achieve those goals in the most cost effective and efficient manner.  This can include maintaining proper insurance, setting up trusts for heirs and/or spouses, utilizing gift giving strategies, and more.  This also includes an analysis of your wills and trusts along with helping you with beneficiary designations.   Estate Planning


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